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Article about goodwill from Finland on Kahoku-Shinpo

An article about support for reconstruction from Finland to Sendai appeared in evening edition of Kahoku-Shinpo, a local newspaper in Miyagi.

"Goodwill from Finland - Monetary Donations, Carp Streamers and Origami as a Proof of Strong Tie with Sendai resulted from Wellbeing Collaboration"
July 13, 2011 Kahoku-Shinpo (only in Japnase)

[Summary of the article in English]

"People from Finland have been giving a lot of support and offers for the Sendai's recovery and reconstruction. The City of Oulu has sent total 100,000 euros (about 11,000,000 yens) as monetary donations for Sendai city reconstruction and disaster victims' support. And Sendai is planning to install tables and chairs made of Finnish wood in temporary housing halls for the earthquake and tsunami sufferers, and hold health classes for them using the donations."

"Sendai has also received origamis and carp streamers made by children in Finland. These presents are displayed in the Nakano-sakae Elementary School where pupils of Nakano Elementary School are sharing because their school was severely damaged by the tsunami."

"Charity show with moomins will be held in August at a child care center Nobisuku Sendai in Aoba Ward."

Pictures below are the table and chairs made of Finnish wood set in a temporary housing hall featured in this article.


One of the temporary housing halls which the tables and chairs were installed in.

A table and chairs made of Finnish wood in temporary housing halls.

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