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Interview to HONKA Japan Co .Ltd, new tenant of R&D unit

<Introduction of Activities at Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center R&D unit>

 HONKA Japan has started their business at Project Room of R&D unit since July. We interviewed to Mr.Takahashi Sales & Marketing Manager.


Please let us know about HONKA Japan.?
Mr.Takahashi: HONKA JAPAN, 100% overseas subsidiary of Honkarakenne Oy in Finland, was established in 1991. We have a wide distribution network from Hokkaido to Kyusyu in Japan; it enables to provide real wooden house (log house) with high-grade natural wood of Finland to customers.
What made you decide to establish the office in Sendai (Tohoku) this time?
Mr.Takahashi We have presently had HONKA users in Tohoku area, however, we have felt not very caring toward them for lack of business partners in this area. To set up the office in Sendai makes possible to develop sales network in Tohoku area and provide quick follow-up for existing users. We would like to deliver better service to customers in Tohoku. Additionally we have received many inquiries about quake-resistant log house since the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is also one of the reasons.
What is your goal in Sendai (Tohoku)?
Mr.Takahashi: First, we would like to be of use to society in Tohoku. Also we would like to find out partners after grasping Tohoku market through meeting many people. To our delight, we received high level of satisfaction from existing customers. We will continue to provide products and services like that in the future.
One of our targets is support for rebuilding after The Great East Japan Earthquake.
    Because of the rising sea level and tsunamis there is the need to develop new kind of coastal building at disaster areas. Kimmo can propose a reconstruction-planning for these disaster areas. He will come to Sendai next November to discuss this proposal with Sendai people.
Please talk about your company’s strengths.
Mr.Takahashi We are the undisputed world leading manufacture in log house production, having good track record of eighty thousand constructions in more than fifty countries in the world. We, HONKA, pride ourselves on being the only global house manufacture. We had various cases of construction experience at many regions of the world with different climates. We have been developing and providing better quality products and services with accumulating past experiences. Our past sales records in Japan already excessed four thousand constructions, and we have been happy to propose high quality living environment for Japanese customers . 
Is it possible to use for dairy living?
Mr.Takahashi Of course it is possible. People have an image that log house means holiday house, however, seventy percent of our past construction was for dairy living use. Also demands of commercial facility, hotel, restaurant, shop and dwelling with shop have been increasing. Actually two large-scale medical facilities were built in Japan recently. We will actively promote HONKA from Sendai office as a hub to be a choice of dairy living houses for Tohoku customers.  
The pediatric clinic in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano
What do you expect from the R&D Unit, S-FWBC?
Mr.Takahashi  We would appreciate the R&D Unit to act as a liaison bridge between many people. Also we are grateful if you understand our products deeply and dispatch the information effectively.
Mr.Takahashi   In Tohoku region, there is no chance to show our products so far even though customers’ houses are existed. We will make an opportunity for possible customers to see, touch and feel our products in the future.
Mr. Takahashi Kazunori, Sales & Marketing Manager, HONKA Japan Co.Ltd

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