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Mr. Juha Korpinen, New director in Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center, R&D Unit was appointed!

rd We are pleased to announce that Mr. Juha Korpinen was appointed to the Finnish Business Development Director in Sendai- Finland Wellbeing Center, R&D Unit as of March 25th, 2013 by Finpro. With this, he was appointed the head of R&D Unit as of April 1st and starts working in Sendai after May 7th, 2013. Mr. Korpinen learned business and administration, corporate finance in Finland and achieved BBA and MBA course in USA. He worked for 19 years as entrepreneur in family company (Vainö Korpinrn Inc, founded in 1935), leading import and export sales and also as President of the company for 8 years. The business with Japanese companies is also included in his experience of international trade. He is richly-experienced international business person owning practical accomplishment in elderly care and wellbeing Sector. In his previous position, he was involved in the Sendai- Finland Wellbeing project at the very beginning.

“As I have visited Sendai for so many times, it is now a great pleasure for me to finally work and live in Sendai. I have always found the climate, atmosphere and people very nice, comforting, warm and friendly.
I find this a great opportunity to work for the common good & wellbeing and to further develop the real business between Finland, Sendai and Japan. I am very much looking forward to starting my new position as the next Director of the Sendai – Finland Wellbeing Center R & D Unit. ” Mr. Juha Korpinen said.  

Mr. Juha Korpinen has already visited Sendai number of times and developed business with local companies. We believe his strong international business background will provide a stronger bridge between Japan and Finland.