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Compact But Big Enough
With a population of 1,080,000, Sendai City is the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, the largest city in Tohoku region. The city center is compact and can easily traversed on foot, it is a great city to do business, get around and meet the right people to collaborate.
Competitive Talent Pool
Sendai area has more than 75,000 students in higher education institutions including 14 universities, most of which are strong in technology fields. You will find a young, highly-educated and motivated workforce here.
Great Place for Startups
Sendai is ranked 2nd in the number of starting businesses in Japan (2016). There are variety of hands-on services, events and programs as well as communities organized by public, private and academic sectors to support enthusiastic start-ups.
Advanced R&D Environment
You can access to the world-renowned academic and research in Tohoku University, one of the top national universities in Japan, as well as other research institutes in Sendai. There are support functions according to your needs and easy networking between the city, universities and industry enables great possibilities for R&D collaboration.
Easy Access from Tokyo
Located in approx. 300km north of Tokyo, Sendai City is just 90 minutes from Tokyo by Super express train (Shinkansen). Sendai airport also has regular flights to and from major domestic and some international cities. Sendai is linked by road, rail and air to the major cities, airports, ports and markets.
Active Collaboration
In order to solve social issues surrounding Sendai, active collaboration among various players have been accelerated. Global Lab Sendai is to develop a games and ICT industry cooperating with Oulu, Finland. Other next-generation technologies such as drones are to be experimented as well. Sendai city also signed a MoU with Nokia to deliver technology solutions including 5G for local businesses in 2017.
Great Place for Work & Wellbeing
Sendai is known as the “City of Trees.” The main avenues are lined with rows of beautiful zelkova trees reflecting four seasons. Combining nature, traditions, fresh foods, urban culture, various local events as well as friendly people, Sendai City is a great place for work and play.

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