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FWBC participates in “DOCTOR (LÄÄKÄRI) 2018” in Helsinki, Finland

For the first time, FWBC participated in the “LÄÄKÄRI2018”, the biggest medical convention and exhibition in Finland, from 10 January, 2018 to 12 January, 2018, at Messukeskus in Helsinki.


FWBC held an own booth and promoted four products from companies in Sendai area, aiming for business expansion towards Finland and European market. Throughout the event, attended company representatives gained professional feedback and insights from Finnish attendants as well as valuable contacts for their business.


Products introduced at LÄÄKÄRI 2018

Pathleader: Magnetic Stimulation System

Repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation (rPMS) is a form of therapy that creates painless stimulation of deep muscle structures to improve motor function in people with physical impairment from brain or nerve disorders.

Company website (link: http://ifg.jp/products/pathleader/  )



COGY: The Wheelchair for those who still believe

For those who are unable to walk, if you can move either of your legs even just a little bit, you will be able to pedal this machine with both your legs. The speed? You can glide along at almost the same speed as quick walking.

Company website: (link: http://cogycogy.com/en/  )



Occlu-pad: A new binocular approach to the treatment of lazy eye

Nurture child’ s future with effective training game. Polarizing filter for the impaired eye vision training. Light reduction filter for the good eye.




Lunaface: Nurse Light for Nightly Rounds

The light-emitting part uses organic LED panels. Friendly light without dazzling effect never disturbs the patient’ s eyes and can be used for observations on the patient’ s state and nursing work.

Company website: (link: http://www.takahata-denshi.co.jp/en/interas/ )