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GLOBAL Lab SENDAI won the MVP award for the business pitching fest!

<Introduction of Activities at Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center R&D unit>

    GLOBAL Lab SENDAI (GLS) won the MVP award for the business pitching fest held in R&D Unit on 27th of June.
 GLS is an organization which aims to create new ICT culture and activate regional economies from Sendai, by taking advantage of unique network between Sendai and Oulu. GLS also collaborates with ‘Oulu Game Lab (OGL)’, Education program of Oulu University of Applied Science, which was established to train the game industry experts and support establishment of venture companies. GLS trains mobile application developers in Sendai and Tohoku region, and supports localization of mobile application developed by Finnish companies, by acquiring know-hows of application provision in OGL global market.

Local universities and technical schools also participate in GLS consortium established in last December. If you’re planning to develop or release mobile application to the world from Sendai and Tohoku region, why don’t you take part in it?

GLS has held seminars on ‘Unity’, a game development system, once a month since July of 2014. It’s planning to hold ‘DA・TE・Apps!2014’, First Sendai Application Contest, in February of 2015. For further information on each event, please visit its website from the following link.

[GLOBAL Lab SENDAI office]
SMC Tohoku Co.,Ltd GLS Business Department
1-6-8, Kamisugi, Aoba-ward, Sendai, Miyagi

You can watch the video of the pitching fest later from our website.