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Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center (FWBC) is a Sendai-based nonprofit organization that promotes businesses between Finland and Japan. This international project was started from the industrial cooperation agreement between Sendai city and several organizations in Finland.

Various stakeholders from the City of Sendai and Finland have been collaborating at the FWBC to create high-value-added welfare products and services to promote independent living for the elderly, as well as to develop a wider range of innovative collaborations, including health, wellbeing, lifestyle, ICT, foods and consumer goods, to promote a better quality of life for all generations.

In addition, with established local health/nursing care industry network, the FWBC also has been aiming to create a health and welfare industry cluster that collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders. Through our CareTech ecosystem, we support development of innovative solutions helps efficient care work and makes the lives of the elderly easier, happier and more enjoyable.

Operations of FWBC

FWBC is established and operated by Sendai Industrial Promotion Organization (https://siip.city.sendai.jp/ : Japanese only) for supporting business development cooperating with stakeholders in Sendai and Finland.
Established: March 2005

Main Services

  • Support for development of healthcare/wellbeing equipment and services

    ・Support for development of health/nursing care equipment and services improves elderly persons’ quality of lives.
    ・Support for development of new business in health/nursing care using ICT technologies (CareTech).

  • Support for International Collaboration

    ・Internationalization support for companies in Sendai towards Finland (EU) and Thailand (ASEAN) markets, as well as market entry support for Finnish companies.
    ・Coordination for international projects among public, private and academic organizations.

  • Management of Incubation Facilities

    ・Provides office space and product exhibition space at below-market rates for startups, companies and universities developing health/wellbeing business.

Brief History of FWBC

  • Nov. 2003
    Signing Ceremony in Helsinki (Sendai-Finland Cooperation Agreement)

  • Mar. 2005
    Opening of Sendai Finland Wellbeing Center

    Project started FWBC as a base having both functions; business development (R&D Unit) and nursing care facilities (Care Unit: Sendan no Yakata, operated by Tohoku Fukushikai).

  • Nov. 2005
    Signed “Co-Incubation Agreement” between Sendai city and Oulu city

  • Oct. 2005
    Visit of Imperial Prince Akishino, Japanese Imperial family.

  • Jun. 2013
    Opening of “Kiitos Square”

    As a part of reconstruction support after the Great East Japan Earthquake, 17 Moomin playground equipment were donated from Finland.

  • Mar. 2015
    Visit of Ms. Tarja Halonen, the former president of Finland

  • Apr. 2015
    “R&D” Unit to be “Business Innovation International Unit”

    Business support expanded to wider industry areas for various solutions achieving better quality of life.

  • Apr. 2017
    Launched “Care Tech” Project

    Main focus area is to support developing innovative ICT solutions in care industry for work efficiency of caregivers and assisting independent lifestyle of the seniors.

  • Apr. 2017
    Expanding network to Thailand (ASEAN)

    Started business support for internationalization of healthcare/wellbeing businesses from Sendai area.