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Sendai Finland Well being center - JAPAN


Helsinki Design Week Design Market

Experience Japanese Culture!!

Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center (FWBC) offers modern design Japanese crafts and handmade items including original wool yarn.

Helsinki Design Week  

Helsinki Design Week (HDW) is one of the largest design festivals in the Nordic countries organized 8-17 September 2023. It’s a tradition to kick off HDW festival with Design Market, the stock sale event at the Cable Factory. For more than twenty years, designers and companies have made space for new items by discharging their stocks at “Kaapeli”. Over the years Design Market has grown into a “festival inside a festival” as tens of thousands of citizens interested in interior and top design have found their way to the Ruoholahti district during one weekend. FWBC joins this Design Market 9-10 September.

What’s FWBC

FWBC is a Sendai-based nonprofit organization in Japan promoting businesses between Finland and Japan. It is our pleasure to join Design Market with our supported companies of five. For more information, please check the details bellow.

Oshinsha | 奥心舎

Oshinsha | 奥心舎

E-commerce website Oshinsha, run by marketing and design company Communa Inc., works directly with artisans from around Japan to share their crafts and stories worldwide, showcasing products that blend time-honored traditions with contemporary design and sensibility. Through their online platform and in-person pop-up shops, Oshinsha strives to foster meaningful connections between customers, artisans, and their crafts.



Tazen produces copper products such as dishes, cups, pots, kettles and sake cups using their traditional skills of the copper artisan. You can buy Tazen items at Oshinsha/奥心舎 Website.



itoshigoto is a yarn and knitting shop in Sendai Japan, heavily inspired by Finnish knitting culture. Each skein of yarn is dyed by hand in the studio. Some of the yarn is knitted into children’s clothing, using Japanese vintage knitting machines.



MerryMerryChristmasland is a retailer & wholesaler who handles a wide variety of goods imported from Europe and traditional Japanese crafts with a cute design. Also produces original creative Kokeshi, which is a popular Japanese traditional craft of Tohoku region, Japan.



COLORS is a retailer & wholesaler who handles many kinds of goods and vintage furniture imported from Europe. COLORS introduces some retro items or Japanese Kokeshi & Kimono products at Design Market.

Design Market Information


Sat 09.09.2023 – Sun 10.09.2023


11 am – 6 pm


Kaapeliaukio 3, 00180, Helsinki

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Contact Us

3-24-1, Mizunomori, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 981-0962 JAPAN

Email: rdunit@sendai.fwbc.jp

Business Innovation International Unit

Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center

Sendai City Industrial Promotion Organization