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IKIMove from Oulu, Finland joined CareTEX Sendai

IKI Health Group Oy from Oulu, Finland visited Sendai for the first time, and participated the welfare technology show, CareTex Sendai, held 3-4 September, 2019 at the Sendai International Center. FWBC rent a booth and offered a free space for IKIMove for their promotion.

Eira Malinen, CEO/Physiotherapist and Paavo Impiö, Creative Director/Sound designer established IKI Health Group Oy in October 2018 as a health and wellbeing startup in Oulu. This time they came to Sendai for introducing “IKIMove”, exercise video streaming service targeting for seniors. It features combination of beautiful untouched nature shoot in Finland and healing, relaxing background music, offering effective but unforced ways of senior exercise in standing, seating and lying positions.

They have already tested IKIMove at several senior facilities in Finland, resulted in excellent feedback so far. Now they are testing their service at four senior facilities in Sendai, and collect feedback for further development to enter the Japanese market in the future. According to Eira and Paavo, IKIMove would like to ease the elderly’s anxiety derived from limited physical capability and to boost their spontaneous activities to increase confidence. IKIMove’s quality video of Finnish nature gives virtual travel experience and various sounds collected from nature calms user’s mind leading to “zen” spirit.

Finland and Japan share the same challenge: Ageing society. IKI means “ancient” or “long time values” in Finnish, intending to create innovative solutions for health and wellbeing of people in the world, using Finnish expertise.

IKIMove: https://IKImove.com/