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International Collaboration

The FWBC’s aim is to bring together the various partners and to encourage their collaboration to achieve optimal and innovative results for each stakeholder.
Through our established local network with the academia, research, business, and public fields in the Sendai area, we provide tailor-made support to our international collaboration partners.
Our long-term cooperation with Finland and Thailand will make your operations in Sendai much smoother. The FWBC works as a facilitator to create opportunities for success.


With our established local health/nursing care industry network, the FWBC also aims to create a health and welfare industry cluster that collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders. Through our CareTech ecosystem, we encourage and support manufactures and service providers to develop products and services that drive efficient nursing care work, facilities management, and efforts to make the lives of the elderly easier, happier, and more enjoyable.

What We Offer

● Business Matching Support

We assist Sendai-based companies heading for international market as well as provide hands-on support for foreign companies interested in entering Japanese market through Sendai as a gateway. We look for potential partner(s) in Sendai according to your needs and provide hands-on support for trading products/services. We also offer business matching opportunities by organizing events and participating trade fairs for companies/organizations to increase their presence in the target market.

● International Collaboration Support

We coordinate international projects among public, private and academic organizations for innovative solutions in health and wellbeing. We provide field testing opportunities in Sendai for developing new products and services especially for solving challenges in aging society, also connect people in various ways including hackathons and ideathons.

● Incubation Facilities

We lend project rooms to entrepreneurs, companies, and universities performing business activities in the Sendai area at below-market rate. Tenant of the facilities can access to consultation services for the development of new products and services upon request. We also have a showroom (Co-Design Space) to display products and our tenant can display their products for free of charge.