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FWBC (Sendai City Industrial Promotion Organization) accept application for our rental office space (Project rooms) located in the second floor of FWBC building. There are in total 8 project rooms with various sizes to lend. All rooms are equipped with basic furniture, LAN and electricity. Some rooms can be divided as well. Rooms are subject to availability, so please check the latest information.

  • Project room (Project room 8)

  • Lounge (2F)


3-24-1 Muzunomori, Aoba-ku, Sendai 981-0962 JAPAN [Map]
Second floor of Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center (Light gauge steel structure, barrier-free)


[ Project room ]

  • Electric capacity: 60 VA/㎡
  • Electricity plug outlet: 5 (3 under floor +2 on wall)
  • Telephone line: max. 10 lines can be set by the tenant (installing cost and phone bill will be charged)
  • Air conditioning: gas heat pump system (cooling and heating)
  • Maximum floor load: 400kg/㎡
  • 3 sets of desk & chair, 9 cabinets, 1 low partition, and 1 coat hanger
  • 24-hour card key entry system

[ Common area ]

  • Elevator (max. 11 passengers)
  • Photocopying machine with prepaid card
  • Pantry
  • An overnight room with shower and a single bed (pre-booking required)
  • A conference room: max. 50 seats. Free of charge for tenant (Subject to availability).
  • Co-design space: event space. Tenants can display their products upon request. Free of charge for tenant.
  • Lounge
  • Parking for guests
  • Conference Room

  • Co-Design Space

Who can apply?

Applicants must be either of the followings and be related with health and wellbeing:

  • (1) Entrepreneur
  • (2) Company or joint enterprises
  • (3) Non-profit organization
  • (4) Academic or research institution

● The applicant’s headquarter is not necessary to be located in Sendai area.
● Health and wellbeing does not have to be core business of the applicant.

Term of lease

Minimum contract: 1 month
Maximum contact: 2 years with possibility of extension

Illegal actions as well as activities which may be harmful to other tenants, the facilities and the surroundings are strictly prohibited. FWBC may terminate the contract according to the situation..


Monthly rent must be remitted through bank transfer to the designated bank account in Japanese yen (JPY). The payment for the first 2 months is to be paid when the lease contract is signed. For the following months, the rent must be paid 2 months earlier. Ex) Rent for March must be paid by the end of January.

How to apply

Application and other documents must be sent by post to the FWBC office below. Our screening committee examine all documents thoroughly based on our screening criteria, and conduct an interview for the representative of the applicant. Online interview is acceptable. The final decision is made by the Chairperson of Sendai Industrial Promotion Organization.

Necessary documents for application

  • (1) Application Form (word/download)
  • (2) Company profile
  • (3) Curriculum Vitae of the applying person
  • (4) Financial statement of the company/organization (past 3 years)
  • (5) Photocopy of the passport (representative or person in charge of this matter)
  • (6) Photocopy of permission in case the planned activities need certain authority’s permission

Submitted documents are not returned to applicants.

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